7 Common Myths About Porcelain Tableware Debunked

7 Common Myths About Porcelain Tableware Debunked

7 Common Myths About Porcelain Tableware Debunked

Porcelain tableware has graced dining tables for centuries, celebrated for its beauty and resilience. Yet, amidst its popularity, numerous myths surround its use and care. Today, we're debunking 7 of the most common myths about porcelain tableware to help you make the most of these elegant pieces.

1. Porcelain is Extremely Fragile5,363 Breaking Plate Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos ...Porcelain it is not as fragile as many believe. High-quality porcelain is fired at very high temperatures, the standard fire is usually around 1,300°C. Pordamsa for example, fires their porcelain at 1400°C making it surprisingly durable and suitable for everyday use.

2. Porcelain is Difficult to Maintain
Many think porcelain requires elaborate care. In reality, most porcelain tableware is dishwasher safe. However, it's advisable to avoid abrasive detergents and overcrowding in the dishwasher to prevent chipping.

3. Porcelain and China are the Same
Although the terms are often used interchangeably in casual conversation, porcelain and china refer to different materials. Porcelain is made from a refined clay and fired at higher temperatures, making it whiter and more translucent than china.

4. Microwaving Porcelain is UnsafeHow to buy a microwave: Best solo and combination microwaves 2023
Most contemporary porcelain tableware is microwave safe unless it has metallic accents. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure, but don't be afraid to use your microwave for porcelain items that are marked safe.

5. Porcelain is Only for Special Occasions
Porcelain's elegance does make it a popular choice for formal events, but it's also perfect for elevating everyday dining. Why not splurge on your beautiful pieces everyday?

6. Hand-Painted Porcelain Can Fade Easily
As much as it is true for vintage porcelain from, say, the Regency era, high-quality hand-painted porcelain keeps the paint from fading with a sealing glaze. You can use and wash these pieces without fear of the colors wearing off, especially if you handle them according to care instructions.

7. All Porcelain is ExpensiveMoney - Definition, Uses, Properties and Characteristics
Porcelain ranges widely in price. While some high-end pieces can be quite costly due to their superior quality, craftsmanship and history, there are many affordable options that have minimal compromises on quality or aesthetics.

Porcelain tableware combines beauty with functionality. Debunking these common myths allows us to appreciate and utilize our porcelain items fully, whether for daily meals or special occasions. With proper care, your porcelain can last for generations, debunking yet another myth—that porcelain is not a long-lasting choice for dinnerware.