Collections of PORDAMSA, present in the recipes of AD magazine

Collections of PORDAMSA, present in the recipes of AD magazine

Plate from Crater Collection

Recipe: Rice in the oven

     The support of PORDAMSA have always been a design complement for the gastronomic creations of many chefs and artists. Last July, they were in two recipes by designer Adrián Salvador Candela for the ‘Kitchens’ section of AD magazine. Architectural Digest Spain is a constantly updated window to the world of design, decoration, architecture, and art, new directions and destinations, names, and launches.

     In the recipe "Peach Puff Pastry", Salvador Candela takes inspiration from a 17th century still life by Adriaen Coorte, a Dutch painter who was part of the golden age of Flemish painting and was known especially for his paintings of birds and for the still lives. In the article, AD exposes the recipe of the design professional and takes the opportunity to comment on its aesthetic part, which is enhanced with a piece from our Takumi Collection

     "My recipe for this week is very special, not only because of the result, which is simple, but it is ‘super delicious’, but because the plate is from one of the world's leading artisan companies," highlights Salvador Candela.

     On the other hand, in his recipe "Rice in the oven", the artist is inspired by a 19th-century painting by Antonio Fillol, which shows some harvesters gathering rice in the lagoon. Salvador Candela complements this traditional recipe with two very different supports, but each one provides a special and unique character. The first is a piece from our Crater Collection, and the second, a piece from the Sand Collection.