The Duna Collection

The Duna Collection

Plates from Duna Collection

   After many hours and dedication, with great enthusiasm, we present you Duna, our new collection of white porcelain, modelled by hand with an organic and unique design. Once again, nature has been our source of inspiration when designing this collection. On this occasion, the dunes in the desert and their warm and sinuous forms have promoted our artistic creation, becoming our muses.

     It is an ideal collection to enhance any gastronomic creation and is very suitable for the use of sauces, thanks to its shape, resistance and capacity. In addition, its timeless design allows plating for all styles, and can be used both for the creation of creative compositions, as well as for more conservative or minimalist ones.

     Duna is available in a gloss finish and in our characteristic matte finish. The latter provides an extra authenticity and reminds us of the soft touch of sand, thus elevating the gastronomic experience of diners. In total, the collection is made up of a set of plates, bowls and elegant podiums that combine with each other and create a harmonic set of pieces.

     Duna is part of our Dining catalog, which includes our porcelain collections with pure shapes and contemporary designs to meet the most demanding requirements of restaurants and hotels in terms of variety, volume, durability and ergonomics.

     Creativity, craftsmanship and the use of natural materials are part of our DNA, therefore, at PORDAMSA we will continue working to enrich the table experience by experimenting with textures, shapes and different ways of plating. Our goal is to achieve the most extraordinary, unique and eternal pieces, in order to create a dialogue between the chef and the diner.