Plates that Reflect Paintings of the Seine River in Paris, Olympics 2024

Plates that Reflect Paintings of the Seine River in Paris, Olympics 2024
As the world eagerly awaits the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, it's the perfect time to celebrate the city's rich artistic heritage. Paris has long been a muse for countless artists, especially its iconic waterways and serene lakes. To get into the spirit of the Games and the city's vibrant culture, we present to you the top six  exquisite plates that mirror paintings of the waters in Paris. Alongside these masterpieces, we'll also explore, bringing a touch of Parisian elegance to your dining experience.

1. Nectar Plate-Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" Series 
     Monet's "Water Lilies" series is renowned for its tranquil depiction of his garden pond at Giverny, reflecting the natural beauty and serene ambiance of the water surface. These works are housed in the Musée de l'Orangerie and are a testament to Monet's mastery of light and reflection

     This plate feature delicate floral patterns and soft colors, perfect for a serene dining experience. 
View Nectar Plate

2. Impression, Sunrise" by Claude Monet - Mar Plate

     This iconic painting, which gave the Impressionist movement its name, portrays the port of Le Havre with a beautiful sunrise. The interplay of light and water in this artwork captures the calm and reflective nature of the scene, echoing the serenity found in many Parisian waterscapes

     These plates from Mar Collection have a gradient of blue colors, with the food served, is reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise over water.
View Mar Glass Plate Blue

3. A River Bank (The Seine at Asnieres) - Oleum Glass Container
     This masterpiece captures the calm and leisure of Parisian life by the water, with bathers and boats set against a backdrop of the riverbank.

     The Oleum Glass Container perfectly captures the orange-yellow hue of the light as if it were the river bank at Seine during the sunset.
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4. The Seine at Chatou - Nut Bow

     Vlaminck's vibrant and bold depiction of the Seine at Chatou captures the dynamic energy and colorful reflections on the water, showcasing the Fauvist movement's influence on Parisian landscapes​.

     Resembling that of a small boat, the Nut Bowl color encompasses the vibrant colors from the painting. Coupled with its reflective texture, it gives of a sense of being sailed through the water.
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5. "The Pont Neuf" by Auguste Renoir - Roca Podium

     Renoir's painting captures the textured surfaces of the bridge and the flowing Seine River using dynamic brushstrokes that convey movement and light, creating a tactile and visually stimulating experience. Similarly, the Roca Podium plate, with its intricate design and craftsmanship, mimics these textures, offering a smooth yet detailed surface that reflects the bridge's structure and the river's flow. 
View Roca Podium

6. "Le Pont de la Tournelle" by Albert Marquet (1923) - Nature Wood Tray

     "Le Pont de la Tournelle" focus on elements beyond the Seine River, particularly the bridge and boats. This refocusing mirrors the design of a nature wood tray, which resembles the shape and texture of boats docked by the river. The wood's natural grain and form evoke the feeling of boats crafted from timber, highlighting the connection between the utilitarian design of the tray and the practical, yet aesthetic, presence of boats in Marquet's artwork.
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     As the Paris 2024 Olympics draw near, immerse yourself in the city's artistic spirit with these beautiful paintings and complementary plate designs. Celebrate the convergence of sports, art, and culture in the heart of Paris.