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  • Salina

    Salt desert

    Inspired by its surface and reflects, PORDAMSA hasdesigned this complete dinner set in pure white porcelain.
    Each piece is easy to stack, glossy glazed on itsinterior and finished by hand for a unique organiclook and feel.

  • Arbre

    The soul of the tree

    This collection brings the magic of the forest to the table. Tree rings are imitated in each piece producing an organic collection which allows boundless presentations.

  • Nordica

    The new nordic gastronomy leads us to the creation of this cutting-edge collection. Soft shapes with a smooth touch and elegant yet understated lines that highlight the organic shape of each piece.

  • Roca

    The texture and aesthetic strength of sea rocks are the inspiration behind this collection. These thermal and lightweight pieces will maintain the temperatures, both hot and cold, at the table. The glossy porcelain inside and matte outside create an interesting light contrast. Timeless works of art at the service of the most creative chefs.

  • Mediterranean textures

    Oysters, mussels, seashells and sea urchins form our textures from the Mediterranean Sea. Small pieces with shapes and reliefs which will surprise you and which will embellish the best recipes from the sea.

  • Sand

    Roughness and clarity are the inspiration of the SAND collection. This texture contrast brings an aesthetic appeal and facilitates the dressing of the plate. The design of each piece allows a comfortable service and a perfect stackability.

  • Mar

    The natural evolution of Mediterranean textures gave birth to the collection Mar. We mould coloured molten glass, 0.2 inches thick, with a gloss or matt finish, until it is thick enough to guarantee its resistance. Elegance and sophistication at the table in the form of sea water.

  • Artic

    A snowy landscape is the inspiration of Pordamsa newest collection. Sublety and resistance are melted under the same material, pure white porcelain. Handly polished, is distinguished by a soft texture which degrades towards the center of each piece in order to achieve a minimalist aesthetic and to facilitate the dressing of the plate.

  • Onyx

    Stunning collection of handcrafted glass finished with elegant sparks. Intense black and shiny polished, ONYX will embellish any presentation and create an extraordinary impact to your guests.

  • Barcelona

    This collection is inspired by the rippling waves of the facades of Barcelona’s modernist buildings. Its movements give the impression of waves breaking against a rocky structure which many experts associate with the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Each piece of the barcelona collection represents a fragment of modernist architecture that will enrich your tables with organic vitality.

  • Nuages

    The soft shapes of clouds and the pure white colour of our porcelain join to create the collection Nuages. A set of minimalist pieces that will be the perfect canvas for any dish. Although they look flat, all the pieces have a slight slope that will draw the liquids to the centre.

  • Trencadis

    Barcelona and the works of Gaudí are part of our identity. This original collection, inspired by the ceramic mosaic technique used to decorate so many places in the city, is a tribute to the modernist architect.

  • Cosmos

    Inspired by the magic of the dark sky and its sparkling stars, our Cosmos collection is created. A set of glaring pieces to stand out any culinary work of art.

  • Magma

    The curved forms of the lava from a volcano are the inspiration behind the collection Magma. A set of pieces with different spaces in which the chef will be able to play with his presentation.

  • Merlot

    An explosion of colour inspired by this variety of grapes. Made of traditionally crafted molten glass. This attractive collection will surprise you with its intense ruby colour and uneven surface. Unique pieces at the service of the chef’s imagination.

  • Moelle

    Designed from a bone of veal and made of three elements, Moelle will add strength to gastronomic ideas based on meat and meat juices.

  • Ovo

    This original collection is inspired by the most international artist ever born in our region, Salvador Dalí. The egg, one of the most recurring elements in the surrealist artist’s works, becomes a container in which all kinds of tastings can be served.

  • Frost

    Ice, and our observations of how it melts, is the inspiration behind these three designs. Its transparency, inner bubbles and cold feel are the basic concepts, which are reinforced by keeping the pieces cold until they are presented at the table.

  • Cliff

    Inspired in the impressive nature of the sea coastline, this original piece of art will bring volume to the table and will create a unique dialogue between chef and customer. The surface provides a subtle space for a sauce, cream or foam as an additional option for the most creative chefs.

  • Botanique

    The pieces in this collection are the result of our passion for achieving the perfect symbiosis between the ingredients of the recipes and their origin. Organic forms which add creativity and surprising textures similar to the nerves of vine leaves or to the skin of cocoa beans add great aesthetic and emotional value.

  • Terra

    The color of the earth after rain is the starting point of this creation. His brown tone together with the water drops reflected in each piece, conceive the concept of the collection inspired by the ‘wet earth‘ and designed with colored glass paste, 0.2 inches thick. Perfect to accompany recipes that evoke nature and mountain.

  • Crater

    The moon’s surface was the inspiration behind the collection Cráter designed glass and also in porcelain. Its uneven surface tempts the touch, turning tasting into both a gastronomic and a sensorial experience.

  • Storm

    This collection of exceptional podiums are inspired by the spectacular power of a storm. Dense clouds and strong winds that bring rich tones of white, blue and red. It will definitely enhance any food presentation and astonish your guest.

  • Nectar

    The water lilies that adorn ponds are reproduced in the collection Néctar. This symbol of purity and perfection adds exoticism to the table.

  • Apiari

    The curious form of a bee-hive led us to imagine this original form of presentation which will allow the chef to play with his creativity and to interact with the diner. The combination of gloss and matt glaze creates an attractive contrast.

  • Cutlery

    For many architects, leaving copper pipes uncovered means showing a “hidden treasure” with great decorative potential. This discovery of the red metal is the inspiration behind the new range of cutlery offered by Pordamsa. Its straight, stylish forms are designed to grace the tables of the most avant-garde restaurants.

  • Blown glass
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Showing 1 - 12 of 226 items