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  • Wave

    Organic shaped dinnerwave inspired by nature. A versatile and timeless collection. Easy to plate on its flat surface, to hand and to store. Durable collection thanks to the high quality of hard porcelain in which is made and to the rounded shape that prevents porcelain from chipping.

  • Wave matte

    As an extension to the Wave Collection, we propose these plates that are completely matte varnished. The bowls have finish on its exterior and glossy finish inside. This matte texture will bring a warmer touch to your table service.

  • Bistro

    Dinnerware collection with reinforced edge to stand up long periods of use. Easy to plate, carry and stack. Clean-lined shapes with everlasting appeal.

  • Gastro

    Its asymmetrical design brings movement and originality to the table. Perfect for casual presentations with the touch of elegance that brings the pure white porcelain.

  • Table barbecues

    Porcelain bowl with stainless steel grill. Usable with hot coal or liquid nitrogen. The barbecues are portable and stand securely on table. When not being used as barbecue the porcelain bowl can be used for salads, soups or any recipe you desire.

  • Lava stones

    Enjoy cooking food live at the table with this unique lava stones. The standard heating time is 20 mins at medium heat on a gas and 40 mins in an oven at 250 degrees. The stones retain there heat for 45 mins after removal.

  • Kyoto

    This japanese-inspired collection features pureness and simplicity and can be displayed in multiple combinations. Extremely easy to work on its flat surface, handle and store in small spaces.

  • Square

    The versatility of this elegant collection makes it just right for everything from a casual meal to a classy soiree. Wide range of sizes that allow multiple compositions such as appetizers sets, fine dining presentations or buffet serving plates.

  • Minimal

    Flat surface ideal for all kind of food assortments like sushi, cold meats, cheese or desserts. It will bring a modern appeal to your table in a practical way for a day to day use. All items are easy handling.

  • Diana

    Trendy and versatile set of plates. Highly resistant and perfectly stackable. Each plate has a reinforced edgde that makes our porcelain chip resistant and a wise investment.

  • Casual

    With its flared rims and straight sides, this set of plates and bowls will add a twist of nordic style to the table. Wide range of multipurpose trays perfectly stackable.

  • Oval

    A touch of rusticity, perfect for traditional food presentations.Its oval shape will help you optimize your table space and storage. Thick porcelain collection por a long term use.

  • Summum

    Elegance feel and refinement. A complete table service that is a perfect solution for a formal dinner. SUMMUM offers a wide range of shapes and sizes and the possibility of matte rims for the presentation plate, the bowls and the trays.

  • Zen

    Stunning and clean design that will be the ideal blank canvas for your culinary creation. The plates are slightly curved in order to direct the liquids toward the center and the stylized shape of the bowls will bring elegance and modernity. A great proposal for all the environments that can be used alongside any of our porcelain ranges.

  • Classic

    Back to basics with this simple yet functional dinnerware set of plates bowls and trays that will give your table an elegant look.

  • Satin

    The soft fluidity of each piece and the radiant glaze infuses this collection with quiet elegance and lasting appeal on the table.

  • Galaxy

    Distinguished by its original eclectic shape, this collection will dress up your dinner table in the most stylish way. Easy to hand and to stack. 

  • Matin midi soir

    A great way to present your tapas and informal meals. Dress up your bar top with this practical, durable, easy handling and perfectly stackable plates. Easy to use in space constrained and busy environments.

  • Otto

    These pieces have an original organic shape with a wide flat space on its interior perfect to plate any recipe. Easy to handle and completely stackable, they will add a touch of creativity on table.

  • Gota

    A set of degustation plates, bowls and saucers ideal to complement your meal in a stylish way.

  • Elemental
  • Karla
  • i love you
  • Onda
  • Gourmet
  • Slate & Wood
  • Pica & Pica
  • Pasta bowls
  • Cheese cake & petit fours
  • Coffee & tea
  • Twin
  • Lis
  • Ammonite
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Showing 1 - 12 of 538 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 538 items