Catalonia Plates Renews its Digital Identity

Catalonia Plates Renews its Digital Identity

New Catalonia Plates website

     Catalonia Plates renews its digital identity with the launch of a new website with an enhanced visual and intuitive design for a better browsing experience.
The fluidity, ease of search, and prominence of the images define the new web portal. An online space that wants to serve as inspiration, allowing its creative essence to be discovered through the history of  Catalonia Plates and the creation of its products.
This new site incorporates the catalog of products, arranged by collections and typology, with the ability to filter by category, application, material, and finishing, among others. A universe where to get lost in; full of proposals for chefs and hospitality professionals.

     Another of the particularities of the new website is the creation of a new section: inspiring. Creative ways to plate and combine porcelain and glass tableware to create gastronomic experiences.
The website also includes a blog with the latest news on gastronomy, Catalonia Plates, products, and events in the industry.

     We are delighted to invite you to enjoy the new website.