How to bring porcelain to life through your hands

How to bring porcelain to life through your hands


     One of the fundamental pillars of PORDAMSA is the commitment to human work and respect for traditional processes. More than forty hands create, mold, and give life to PORDAMSA pieces, using at all times materials that do not contain synthetic components or create a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, each and every one of the products is made from raw materials of 100% natural origin.

     Porcelain is a compact, translucent ceramic material with a high level of strength and density, composed of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. Its composition goes through very demanding qualitative selection criteria with respect to the constancy of the technical characteristics and the absence of contaminants, creating in this way, a pure material that fulfills the principle of sustainability for which we work so hard.

     This material is made from a meticulous process in order to obtain a sublime result. The first step is the creation of the design of the model, which is made to scale ‘measured in crude’, that is, 12% larger than the real size. The following is to dilute the kaolin, quartz, and feldspar in water, crush it, mix it, sieve it, and filter it to obtain a fine, homogeneous mass free of impurities. Next, the mold is filled with this paste and left to dry for between 12 and 24 hours depending on the thickness that wants to be achieved.

      Once this is done, each piece of tableware is polished manually for its perfect finish and the first firing is carried out at 800º, which will harden the pieces, dehydrate them, and make them porous so that the enamel can fix on its surface. Next, the dishes are enameled using a gloss or matte enamel bath and the second firing is carried out at 1400º to obtain the final size of the piece. Finally, a quality control and final review are carried out to guarantee the best result and give our clients a unique experience.