The most Gastronomic Netflix

The most Gastronomic Netflix

     In recent years, audiovisual production in relation to gastronomy has become more popular and so we've put together a selection of the most successful productions that Netflix offers in its large catalog of gastronomic series and films

1. Chef's Table (2015)

      Probably Netflix's best-known gastronomic series. Each episode is dedicated to a different chef from a very close perspective that allows you to see their work and vision first hand.

2. For Grace (2015)

     Chef Curtis Duffy tells us about the difficult path he had to take to get his restaurant Grace recognised as the best in the country. In the film we see the suffering involved in achieving any recognition like Michelín Stars. 

3. Barbecue (2017)

The central theme of this documentary is the way in which each culture or community does barbecues. We see how they do them in Mongolia, the Philippines, Uruguay, Syrian refugee camps and Japan.  

4. Theater of Life (2016)

     We've mentioned this documentary by Massimo Bottura before which focusses on the creation and running of the Refettorio Ambrosiano, a soup kitchen located in the Greco district of Milan which was opened as part of Expo Milan 2015 and was created by Massimo Bottura. 

5. Somm (2012)

     A film where you see what four sommeliers do to prep themselves for an exam to become Master Sommeliers. 

6. A Year in Champagne (2014)

     A documentary in which wine experts explain how this drink that bears the name of a French region is made.