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The Emporium Glass Tray, sized at 19x14cm, is a true testament to the art of presentation. The matte finish of this exquisite craft glass piece from the Sublime Collections provides a sophisticated canvas for culinary artistry. Its unique form, reminiscent of ancient landscapes, adds an element of intrigue to any dining experience.

This tray is more than just a vessel for serving; it's a conversation starter, inviting diners to explore the textures and flavors artfully arranged upon it. Heat safe and durable, it seamlessly integrates into the flow of modern gastronomy, from oven to table. Post-use, the maintenance is as simple as placing it in the dishwasher, ensuring that the focus remains on the presentation and not on the cleanup. Perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of historical inspiration and contemporary functionality, this tray is versatile enough for both everyday use and special occasions.

19x14cm / 7.5x5.5’’ 

Product Finishing: Matte
Category: Sublime Collections
Product Material: Craft Glass
Type of Product: Tray
Real Size: 19 cm
Collection: Emporium
Cooking: Heat safe
Maintenance: Dishwasher safe
Temperature: Freezer safe 

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