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The Porcelain Wine Leaf Mat is a quintessential piece from the Sublime Collections, designed to evoke the organic elegance of a leaf's natural form. This plate, exquisitely shaped to mirror the contours and textures of a wine leaf, is not only a plate but a piece of art that brings the serene beauty of nature to your dining experience.

Crafted from premium porcelain with a matte finish, this piece accentuates the leaf's delicate veins and subtle undulations, creating a visual and tactile feast that complements the culinary delights it presents. The uneven edges and the lifelike detail provide an illusion of a leaf gently resting on the table, inviting diners to a unique and immersive gastronomic journey. This plate is perfect for those who appreciate the art of plating and the allure of nature-inspired tableware, blending seamlessly with dishes that boast fresh, natural ingredients or earthy tones.

Product Finishing: Matte

Category: Sublime Collections
Product Material: Porcelain
Type of Product: Plate
Real Size: 17.5x16.5x3.5cm / 6.9x6.5x1.4’’
Collection: Botanique
Cooking: Microwave and oven safe
Maintenance: Dishwasher safe
Temperature: Freezer safe 

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