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The Set 4 Boro Schnapps+Walnut Tray is a curated ensemble that combines the rustic charm of walnut wood with the sleek sophistication of borosilicate glass. This set is a part of the Sublime Collections, renowned for their dedication to merging form and function in luxury tableware. Each of the four glasses is crafted to hold 65ml, perfect for presenting an array of tastings, from classic schnapps to inventive culinary concoctions.

The real beauty of this set lies in the thoughtful design and the versatility it brings to the table. The walnut tray, measuring 16x5cm, not only serves as a sturdy base for the delicate glassware but also enhances the visual allure of the served delicacies. The glasses, boasting a high-gloss finish and made from durable borosilicate material, are microwave and oven safe, allowing chefs to push the boundaries of their creative plating. Additionally, the set is freezer safe, ensuring the contents can be chilled to perfection if desired. It's a statement piece that promises to elevate the dining experience, whether it's for a sophisticated soiree or a casual gathering among connoisseurs.

Product Capacity: 260 ml
Category: Sublime Collections
Collection: Blown Glass
Product Material: Borosilicate
Product Finishing: Gloss
Real Size: 16x5cm / 6.3x2’’ / 4x65ml
Type of Product: Tasting
Cooking: Microwave and oven safe
Maintenance: Dishwasher safe
Temperature: Freezer safe 

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