Pordamsa Brand Story

Founded in 1975 in La Bisbal d'Empordà (Girona), PORDAMSA is a family business that combines inspiration, creativity and technique within a passionate team of work that evokes every day its efforts to enrich the experience at the table.

PORDAMSA is a history of reinvention in a global market for changing trends. It starts with the manufacture of porcelain items and over the years, it consolidates itself as a creative company with its own concept, where the main focus is the added value in the presentation.

The admiration for the beauty and the properties of the porcelain together with the fact of having a study of design and manufacturing process within the company, have allowed us to evolve our products into pieces of great complexity inconceivable in our beginnings today more than 40 years ago.

The desire to overcome our human team has allowed us to introduce new techniques and materials such as glass or wood that we work artisanally in our workshop where a passionate highly qualified workforce cares for all the details to achieve a perfect final finish.

At present, PORDAMSA designs accompany the creations of the most renowned international chefs and offer solutions to the most demanding hotel design projects, both aesthetically and functionally.

In our day to day, the whole team continues to inspire us in the most essential fruit of a detail of nature, an idea, an emotion... to achieve the most extraordinary, unique and timeless pieces adapted to the needs of each gastronomic proposal.


Our vision

Create a solid value project that is inspiring for our clients and for all those people linked to our project.

What we really do

To value the experience in the kitchen by the chef and as a consequence, at the table for diners. Open the widest range of presentation possibilities in materials and forms under the strictest criteria of quality and excellence. 

History of beginning

All PORDAMSA products are of 100% natural origin. They do not contain synthetic components or create any impact on the environment. 

The process of elaborating our products is totally handmade, requiring 17 manual operations for 7 days.

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