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Founded in 1975, in Girona (Barcelona, Spain) Pordamsa is a trendsetting porcelain manufacturer known for its high level of innovative designs to an ever-changing global marketplace, Catalonia Plates being the North American distributor of Pordamsa.
Founded in 1975 in La Bisbal d'Empordà (Girona), PORDAMSA is a family business that combines inspiration, creativity and technique within a passionate team of work that evokes every day its efforts to enrich the experience at the table. PORDAMSA is a history of reinvention in a global market for changing trends. It starts with the manufacture of porcelain items and over the years, it consolidates itself as a creative company with its own concept, where the main focus is the added value in the presentation. The admiration for the beauty and the properties of the porcelain together with the fact of having a study of design and manufacturing process within the company, have allowed us to evolve our products into pieces of great complexity inconceivable in our beginnings today more than 40 years ago. The desire to overcome our human team has allowed us to introduce new techniques and materials such as glass or wood that we work artisanally in our workshop where a passionate highly qualified workforce cares for all the details to achieve a perfect final finish. At present, PORDAMSA designs accompany the creations of the most renowned international chefs and offer solutions to the most demanding hotel design projects, both aesthetically and functionally. In our day to day, the whole team continues to inspire us in the most essential fruit of a detail of nature, an idea, an emotion... to achieve the most extraordinary, unique and timeless pieces adapted to the needs of each gastronomic proposal.
Vision - Create a solid value project that is inspiring for our clients and for all those people linked to our project. Mission - To value the experience in the kitchen by the chef and as a consequence, at the table for diners. Open the widest range of presentation possibilities in materials and forms under the strictest criteria of quality and excellence. Goal - All PORDAMSA products are of 100% natural origin. They do not contain synthetic components or create any impact on the environment.


Our tableware is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. It is highly resistant to scratches but to avoid such incidents, use liquid detergent and soft sponge for washing and do not rub it with force. Recommend detergent is for metal marking: -Load the washer so that pieces do not touch each other, to avoid the risk of Metal Objects (metal racks, Aluminum tray, pots, pans, utensils, etc.). -Never use too much detergent. -Use mild liquid detergent. Because detergent attack can expose particle at the surface, which being harder than metal normally used. -Metal can scratch the cookware, so wooden or plastic utensils are suggested. -Do not use abrasive cleanser. Using a soft, wet cloth or sponge is recommended. Please note that it is not possible to produce hand crafted porcelain without having irregularities and warping in the final product. Usually, it is not very visible and in fact contributes to the normal, attractive look of high fired porcelain. There are defined limits for acceptable irregularities, and these are a part of our normal quality control.
PORDAMSA’S glass products are dishwasher safe. For long use, please handle with care. Avoid using abrasive cleansers or steel wool when washing by hand. While the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it and do not place it on a wet cloth or a wet surface. Sudden temperature change may break or shatter the product. If the product is made of heat-resistant glass, it is also microwave safe. When using in the microwave, do not overheat or heat without water. Due to characteristics of the material and manufacturing process, some glassware may contain tiny air bubbles and dots. However, they do not affect the quality of the product.
PORDAMSA’s. products made of wood are not recommended for the dishwasher. After use, please clean the surface of the product with dry or tightly wrung out dishcloth. Avoid direct sunlight, dry well after use and store in a dry place. Do not soak in water or place near open flames. Due to the characteristic of natural wood, there may be variances in the color and grain patterns.
We recommend the following habits for the daily cutlery use: Rinse with hot water immediately after use to reduce chemical reaction of salts or acids. Wash before first use and immediately after each use. Do not leave to soak in water overnight as mineral salts may attack the metal surface. Store and wash stainless steel and silver cutlery separately. Wash knives separately from other cutlery while using dishwasher. Place spoon bowls and fork tines in an upward position in dishwasher for the best rinse efficiency. Remove cutlery from the dishwasher and dry immediately. Pay extra attention to knife blades. Never leave cutlery in a closed, damp dishwasher.


We have porcelain and glass tableware, cutlery and wooden items for hospitality.
You can request a hard copy by sending an email to support@cataloniaplates.com or by downloading it of our website at /download-catalog.
Our showroom is open to visitors, contact us first for the showroom visiting hours.


For any questions, you can contact us by texting our support at +1 984-400-4285 , sending an email to support@cataloniaplates.com or call +1 718-815-5000.
We accept check, bank transfer or all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.).
If the product arrives broken or damaged, you must inform us within 24h-48h, provide photographs of the damaged products to the email contact@cataloniaplates.com.


We ship all over the Unites States, Canada and Mexico.
For any questions, you can contact us by texting our support at +1 984-400-4285 , sending an email to support@cataloniaplates.com or call +1 718-815-5000.
Shipping costs are calculated automatically by specifying the delivery address, and based on weight and volume of the order. All rates include VAT. In no case is there cash on delivery.
If delivery is delayed or lost, you must notify us from the date of the order was made and email support@cataloniaplates.com. If the product does not correspond to the order placed, you must notify us in the shortest possible time and email support@cataloniaplates.com.

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